Exalted Ruler & Secretary Messages



Exalted Ruler’s Message

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October 2022

This poem was passed along from our DDGER, Jean Zink. I believe it’s something worth sharing here.

I’m that person you asked to join the Elks. I’m the person who paid his dues to join.
I’m that person who stood up in front of you and took the obligation to be a loyal and faithful member.
I’m that person who came to the lodge and no one paid any attention to me.
I’m that person who tried several times to be a friend.
But you all had your own friends to sit next to and talk to.
I’m the person who was left out when I volunteered to help on projects and events.
I’m the person who missed coming out to the lodge a few months in a row because I was sick; but no one asked
where I had been. I guess it didn’t matter whether I was there or not.
I’m the person who decided to stay home and watch TV; and again no one asked where I had been.
I hold a responsible job. I pay my taxes. I provide for my family. I’m active in my community and I love my country.
All reasons you asked me to join the Elks.
It amazes me that the membership and leaders of this organization wonder why we are losing members.
It amuses me to think that they spend so much time looking for new members when I was here all the time.
All they needed to do was make me feel needed, wanted, and welcome.
You know who else I am?

I believe we have a welcoming and accepting lodge. In the past I’ve challenged everyone to reach out to someone
they haven’t seen for a while. I’ve challenged everyone to show their pride in Elkdom. Now, I want to challenge you
to get to know some more members of your lodge. Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know well and get to
know someone better. We are a fraternity, so let’s get to know our brothers and sisters in Elkdom.

Fraternally yours,
Ryan Nedeff 
Exalted Ruler


From the Secretary’s Pen

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November 2022

The leaves are falling and Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Please ask your friends families and coworkers to become a member of the greatest fraternal organization in the world-the Elks! If you want to get the weekly emails of what is coming up and what is going on in our Lodge, or you know someone who wants to get the emails, please send me an email  so I can add you to the email list. 

There are still about 35 of you that have not yet paid your dues. Please do so ASAP. Dues are $140 for the full year and $83.25 for half of the Lodge year. Life members pay $80 per year. You may write a check to BPOE 75 and mail it to 900 W Melrose Ave. Findlay 45840. You may drop your dues off at the Lodge. I have a box in the lounge on the bar. You can visit www.findlayelks.org and pay your dues and the other charitable things ONLINE! Of course cash is good as always. 

The lodge meeting on October 27th saw the initiation of three new elks, Boyd Abell, Jan Miller and Jerry Wolf.
The lodge meeting on October 13th was quiet on the membership front.

Being an Elk has made a positive contribution to your life. Now it is time to pay it forward and help out someone else improve their life by becoming an Elk. So far this year we have welcomed Tabitha Clawson, Chad Koenig, Christopher Turner, Ray Ford, Jim Shoop, Dave Deters, Lou Schaublin, Aaron Hicks, Eldon Hoy, Todd Spitler, Ryan Moreno, Jason Broerman, Robert Connour, Mary Martin, Nathnaiel May, Boyd Abell, Jan Miller and Jerry Wolf as new members. We have added Charles Bickelhaupt as a new elks via transfer dimit and have reinstated Don Hahn, Chris Aller, John Murray, Rod Eastby and Randy Wolf.

We remember our absent members who passed away during this current Lodge year. The list at this time includes Richard McCleary, Harry Routson, Bill Fitzpatrick, Jerry Williamson, Don McCartney, William Ruse, Gerald Fenberg, Mark Walter and Roland Smith. Let’s hope that list doesn’t get any longer.  When a member passes to the other side we always remember their faults lie upon the sand but their virtues are written on the tablets of love and memory.

See you at the Lodge
Jeff Jenson, PER
Lodge Secretary