Volunteer Interest Survey page

    If you can help a little or a lot – it all helps! The success of our events and activities relies on our steadfast volunteers, officers, etc. and of course, successful events will foster community interest and, hopefully, grow our lodge membership.

    1. Would you like to be contacted to donate baked goods, etc. for various events? yesno

    2. Are you interested in helping out the Home Association with misc. repairs / maintenance of the lodge / banquet hall buildings? yesno

    3. Are you interested in helping out with Veterans events activities? yesno

    4. Would you like to volunteer your skills and expertise to help with some of the projects at the new building? yesno

    5. Are you an enthusiastic party planner? yesno

    6. Would you like to be involved in any of our Youth programs or activities? yesno

    7. Would you like to become a more active participant in the lodge and our charitable endeavors? yesno

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