Pool Rules

Pool Rules:

  • Absolutely no running inside the pool area.
  • Do not hang on the dividing rope.
  • No dunking, pushing, or throwing anyone into the water(no chicken). No horseplay on the pool deck.
  • No splashing Lifeguard.
  • No Flotation Devices (innertubes, Noodles, etc.) in the deep end.
  • Flotation devices shouldn’t be used when crowded.
  • All children under the age of 13 must be supervised by an adult on the grounds.
  • Only infants and toddlers under 4 are allowed in the baby pool at any time. All children using the baby pool must be supervised by an adult inside the fence. When children are present only supervising adults are allowed.
  • when only one lifeguard is on duty, there is a 15 minute break each hour. No one is allowed in any part of the pool, including the apron, during break.
  • The pool is dived into 2 sections by a rope. The deep end is for diving and swimming. The shallow section is for young and/or beginner swimmers.
  • Harder balls, including most sports balls and, are not allowed in the pool area at any time. Basketball may be played from the pool conditionally with life guard approval.
  • Ladders should be used for entering and leaving the pool, and should not be blocked at any time.
  • No diving in shallow sections.
  • No Jumping, diving, or sitting on diving board wall.
  • No swimming under or around the diving board.
  • The diving board is to be only used by diving or jumping straight off the front of the diving board, and swim immediately away from the area. Only one person should be on the steps or board at a time.
  • Gate must be closed and latched at all times.
  • No Alcohol in the pool area at any time.
  • All children wearing diapers must have swim diapers.


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