Lodge meetings are 8:00 pm, the 2nd and 4th Thursday of Each Month;
On the 2nd Thursday, from November through April,
Student of the Month Awards are presented prior to Lodge,
beginning at 7:30 pm.



At the lodge meeting on February 22 these officers were elected to serve you for the upcoming lodge year. They will be installed on April 6.

Exalted Ruler elect Tracy Kennedy. Tracy will be the second female ER the lodge has had (Linda Young 2014-15). She has been a member for 8 years. Her hubby Jim has been a member for 23 years (he signed me up for the Elks). Her son Ian has been a member for 4 years. They also have a daughter Lena. They are the first family of the Findlay Elks. She works at CLA right on the shores of beautiful Lake Cascades. Tracy’s dad Bob Waaland was a member for 44 years. I’m sure he is bursting with pride from heaven. Her mom Dee is bursting with pride from Baldwin Avenue.

Esteemed Leading Knight elect Josh Palmer. Josh has been a member for 20 years. He is married to Mandy and they have three kids Rob, Ana and Kristina. If you are at the pool in the summer, you will know that the whole family lives at the pool all summer long. Josh has served the fine residents of the seventh ward for five years on City Council. He is a veteran of the United States Army and served our country in Afghanistan. He has a brother Jeremy who is an Elk. His dad is Rich Palmer, a past exalted ruler and current trustee of the lodge and his mom is Kim Palmer who can’t be explained, she has to be experienced.

Esteemed Loyal Knight elect Bob Connour. Bob Has been a member for only three years but he jumped right in as soon as he became a member and became an officer. Bob is a professor (just like me) at Owens Community College. He has taught Anatomy and Physiology for 24 years. He is married to Jackie who is also a biology professor at Ohio Northern University in Ada. He has two kids. Maria is a senior at ONU. You may have read an article in the Courier about the Winter Art Walk. Maria Connour wrote that article. You may have guessed that she is a journalism major and wants to be a writer. Joey is an Eagle Scout and a junior in the skilled trades program at Millstream. He plans to be an electrician. It won’t be long until he makes more money than his dad.

Esteemed Lecturing Knight elect Jason Nussbaum. Jason has been a member for five years. He is an avid Ohio State fan as well as a Pittsburgh Steeler and Penquins fan. Jason’s parents are Sue and Phil. Maybe you have seen his dad watching the buckeyes at the lodge. He has a sister Gwen and a brother Ross. Jason works at Best Buy Distribution Center for 28 plus years. He loves setting up the lodge and helping out when he can.

Lodge Secretary Jeff Jenson. I have been a member for 23 years and have been your lodge secretary since 2013. I have served as Exalted Ruler in 2011-12 and as District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler in the 2021-22 lodge year. I am the OEA calendar chairman and author of this newsletter. My wife Amy has put up with me for 21 years of marriage and 24 years in all. She gets a free pass to heaven. I have taught organic chemistry for 34 years including the last 32 at the University of Findlay. I plan on retiring from UF August 1 but will teach part time during the fall semester. I have a daughter Betsy who is 36 and lives in Fargo ND. She works in instructional design. I have five cats for grand children. My son Charlie (age 33) lives in Boston with his wife Laurel. Charlie has recently started a new job as a calibration technician which will give him his weekends back. He is excited about that. I may or may not get a two legged grandchild from Charlie and Laurel.

Lodge Treasurer Pat McCaffrey. Pat has been a member for 23 years. He has served as ER during the 2016-17 lodge year. He is the current District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler until July. He also manages our pool in the summer and does many other jobs around the lodge as a member of the Home Association. Pat is also in line to be the President of the Ohio Elks Association for the 2026-27 term. He will be the second State President this lodge has had (Dick Baker 82-83). Pat is married to Jeanne and she has been a member for 6 years. Pat is retired from Marathon. He has two daughters Cat and Deb and one grandson Ron. Pat is also the Lodge’s alternate to the Grand Lodge Convention.

5 Year Lodge Trustee elect Mark Elsea. Mark has been an Elk for 10 years but joined in 1986. How can that be you ask? He was busy with his career and dropped in membership in 1990 but rejoined in 2019 when he was bringing his dad to lodge every Thursday night. He agreed to be an officer at that time and low and behold he is your current ER. He took the initiative to start a lodge revenue stream known as the gun raffle. It generated much needed revenue for the lodge. His aforementioned Dad was Red Elsea who many of know to be a fixture at the lodge on Thursday nights until he passed right after Mark installed as ER last spring. But not to worry, his mom Ann has become the new fixture of the Elsea family on Thursday nights. Mark also has a sister Nikki and a nephew Ryan whom you see around the lodge from time to time. Mark runs the Thursday Night Club which is a popular draw for the members.

Lodge Tiler Paul Heilman. Paul has served in this position for many years and goes to Vegas with his $42 annual salary. He has been a member for 16 years. Paul is married to Denise (member for 9 years and works at National Lime and Stone) and you see her around the lodge as your volunteer coordinator. The Heilmans recently went to New Zealand to see their daughter Emily marry Sterling. Drew lives in Georgia and his parents lament that they don’t get to see him nearly as often as they would like. Paul works at Aviation Inc. Paul loves to shoot pool and his team qualified for a national tournament in Las Vegas. He is also a member of the Home Association. Paul is from Old Fort and is the 6th child of the 12. That’s a lot of kids for any one woman to have. She gets mother of year eternally.

Students of the Month, December 2023

L to R, BACK ROW: Diane Thomas (Chairperson),Adam Emerich, Mark Elsea (PER), Shana Farnkhart, Katie Strickland, Haidyn Thacker, Kianna Thomas, Darren Paige. FRONT ROW: Bryanna Wilson, Madison Spaeth, Emma Garver, Julissa Gutierrez, Madelyn Fry, Ella Roach, Maggie Wehrle.


















Officer Installation, April 8, 2023

L to R: Pat McCaffrey, Greg Eisentrager, Josh Palmer, Mark Elsea, Paul Heilman, Jeff Jensen, Tracy Kennedy, Pete Reynolds

Congratulations to Mark Elsea, our new ER, and all the other officers for the Lodge year 2023/2024!


Americanism Winners, February 2023

From left to Right: Hayden Thieme, Elaina Ricker, Chairmen Pat McCaffrey (PER), Parker Williams, J.J. Langlois, Sophie McDaniel, Lukas Sadowski.  Missing: Troy Holzwart, Molly Rood, Grayson Hohman.

We congratulate our essayists for making the top three in their grade out of 95 entries.  


How can I help out the Elks Lodge?

There are many ways you can help! Paying your dues can certainly help because dues are the single most important source of income we have. You can also volunteer to help. Each week I am going to describe a job that currently is not being done that would make our lodge a stronger leader in the community if it were filled.