The Home Association was organized by the Lodge Trustees and Lodge Members to give all persons an equal share in ownership. With ownership being not only in the grounds, facilities and all its contents but also in its maintenance and operating cost. The Home Association Trustees are installed and entrusted with providing a place for the lodge to meet and the power to oversee the maintenance and care and budgeting for those purposes.

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The Home Association (HA) completed another obligation of the loan forgiveness contract, the installation of the memorial rock and bronze plaque honoring Roy and Katy Schwinn. Roy provided $150,000 of the $200,000 in total financing needed to open the new lounge in 2019. Upon Roy’s passing, his will provided that $100,000 of the loan be forgiven. As such, the Elks owes less than $100,000 on the new building and has a manageable loan payment of under $700 per month. Roy’s will stipulated that a memorial honoring both Roy and Katy be erected, and we are honored to comply. The large rock with plaque is located in the southwest corner near the building entrance and completes our landscaping project. Another element of the landscaping is the etched brick memory court, located just left of the front entrance. The court can accommodate several more memorials and they remain available for purchase.

The HA annual budget was approved in lodge in April. The budget remains nearly unchanged except for two-line items. The monthly loan payment is now included. Prior to 2022-2023 the loan obligation had been funded outside the budget by special event revenue. Loan inclusion in the budget was the direction set by HA trustees. Secondly, the only budget line item of concern is natural gas expense. The HA reappropriated some money to accommodate expected increases, but current gas prices render it uncertain. Aside from the loan payment inclusion, the total budget figure has not changed in three years.

The HA has made some recent purchases of note. And there have been several maintenance expenses including upkeep on the John Deere tractor. The large stainless-steel cooler in the lounge died and the HA replaced it with a new 3-door costing $4,800. The HA also purchased a refurbished cash register for the Bar & Grill ($400) plus two octagon 8-person picnic tables for the back patio and a stainless corner sink for future use ($750 for all. In addition, there have been storm damage expenses totaling several hundred. The trees by the beer hut took a beating and the one to the north is a loss. Removal will be a fall project. The other pending fall project is a new roof on the pool maintenance building. Pool operations are now self-sustaining and warrant the upkeep.

Regarding taxes and insurance, the property insurance on all buildings and free-standing structures has been renewed. And thanks to the efforts of lodge Secretary Jenson, the lodge received a property tax rebate of $8,400 from the auditor’s office and future tax obligations should remain reduced. The HA also paid for half of a trustees/officer’s liability policy. This is very important considering the use of the swimming pool and banquet hall.

Also, the HA granted an easement to AEP for the installation and future maintenance of large power poles and lines along Melrose Avenue adjoining the Elks south property line. Actual installation is not on Elk’s property but runs outside of the banquet hall wall. The easement allows for the use of ten feet on the Elks side for bucket trucks. There is a stipulation that drives remain unblocked. The project is staked, and AEP paid the lodge $2,500 for the rights.

The future cooler room, a.k.a. kitchenette, remains in early planning stage. Building requirements are being investigated and we await preliminary drawings. Barring some major breakage, the financial trajectory is looking favorable for the construction of the cooler room in the foreseeable future.

At the last HA meeting, three trustees were nominated and then elected in lodge. Brian Logsdon and Jeff Schimmoeller both completed their terms and opted not to run again. Tom Vanderhof and Wes Russell were elected to 3-year terms, as was Denise Heilman who had been appointed to the remainder of Jason Reimschussel’s term as HA Secretary/Treasurer. Dan Scherf opted out with one year remaining. We thank Brian, Jeff and Dan for their contributions as trustees. Completing the 9-person board is Pat McCaffrey, appointed to the remaining year of Dan’s term and approved at lodge. Patrick, like Tom and Wes, is a good addition as he has been working on several improvements in the pool and Tiki bar area. All current HA officers were re-elected for the 2022-2023 fiscal year.

– Home Association Trustees

Home Association Officers

Vaun Wickerham President
Tod Houk Vice President
Denise Heilman Secretary/Treasurer

Home Association Trustees

Term Ends
Tod Houk 2023
Scot Roth 2023
Pat McCaffrey 2023
Paul Heilman 2024
Eric Stacy 2024
Vaun Wickerham 2024
Tom Vanderhof 2025
Denise Heilman 2025
Wes Russell 2025

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